strategic solutions.

  • Cape Breton South Recruiting for Health

    Cape Breton South offers a unique and attractive healthcare environment and is implementing an ambitious and dynamic program to attract healthcare practitioners to its region.

    Working with the organization, Vibe developed a communications action plan to guide recruitment communications over the next number of months and years. While the landscape has changed dramatically due to COVID-19, Cape Breton South has much to offer healthcare practitioners, both in terms of the nature of the work and the lifestyle and life-work balance. Communicating this in interesting and creative ways, through proven channels, will maximize the reach of the message and help to drive conversion to “find out more”.

  • Assiniboine Community College

    Assiniboine Community College is a progressive, smart and student-focussed centre of excellence with campuses in Brandon, Winnipeg and Dauphin Manitoba. Assiniboine was preparing to launch a major fundraising campaign and knew that in order to be successful, it must first execute a brand building exercise to reacquaint audiences with the College and build a base of ambassadors to move the campaign forward.

    The Vibe team travelled to Manitoba to conduct focus groups, stakeholder sessions and internal meetings, to get to the heart of the message. With audiences as diverse as Members of Parliament, alumni, business leaders, and donors in every community of the province, the campaign had to be compelling and it had to ring true. Vibe created a campaign that checked all the boxes and this was the result of careful research and stakeholder engagement.

    The execution of “The Assiniboine Effect” was a major success, with traditional and social advertising, collateral materials, merchandise and innovative PR tactics carrying this message of inspiration and success to audiences throughout the Province. Our careful, creative process led to exceptional results, as proven by our campaign measurement tools and website analytics.

  • Canadian Cancer Society

    “Cancer is never a choice but moving forward is. In their new normal, the work of the Canadian Cancer Society focuses on helping people to take back control of their life and regain a sense of self.”

    It was a privilege to work with the Canadian Cancer Society’s Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island regions to create a compelling campaign to draw awareness to its Self-Care Programs (Wellspring) and to subsequently grow participation in these programs. This work involved extensive engagement sessions with key Society representatives, as well as analyzing its traditional and digital strategies, to develop creative and measurable solutions to reach Society audiences.

  • Gender Based Analysis + Study – Enhancing Entrepreneurial Supports

    The Vibe team conducted extensive stakeholder engagement and secondary research relating to entrepreneurial supports and services available to women living and working in Cape Breton, so to understand how better to equip and support women as they start and grow their businesses. The results of the research will enable service providers to more widely consider gender-based factors in an effort to enhance current services or create new offerings to provide much needed support for women entrepreneurs.

  • Cape Breton Island Craft Sector Benchmark Study

    Craft is a vital part of our Island’s economic and social fabric. Working with the Cape Breton Centre for Craft and Design, the Vibe team completed a Cape Breton Island-Unama’ki wide craft sector benchmark study that will inform future programming and supports within the sector. The project included the completion of an extensive survey targeted to professional crafters and in-community engagement with Indigenous artisans (all five Unama’ki communities). The final report documented specific supports required to advance and support the interests of Island artisans / entrepreneurs.

  • CBRM Creative Economy Growth Strategy

    In every part of the world, a growing number of cities are emerging as creative forces thanks to burgeoning arts and culture sectors. Based on the collective strength of their creative industries, these cities are driving new business, spurring innovation, attracting talent and investment and, in the process, accelerating community development and improving the overall quality of life for their residents.

    The Vibe team worked with the Creative Economy Project Steering Committee on an extensive engagement and research project, leading to the development of a strategic plan to guide the growth of creative industries within the CBRM. The report was accepted and approved by CBRM Council and is now in its implementation phase through the CBREN.

  • Paqtnkek Mi’kmaw Nation Tourism Strategy Public Relations

    Paqtnkek Mi’kmaw Nation is a proud and resilient community – honouring its rich history in meaningful and enduring ways, while reaching towards the future with bold, community-driven ideas.

    Vibe has been Paqtnkek’s creative partner for the past 15 years. Starting in  2020, Vibe worked with Elders, Band Council and community members to develop a 10-year tourism strategy. Based on its inherent strengths of culture, heritage and natural assets, tourism development will be 100% community driven, will forge key partnerships throughout the region, and will guide Paqtnkek to reach its potential as an experiential tourism destination.

  • Top Dog Manufacturing Export Marketing Strategy Consulting

    Made in Canada, Top Dog manufactures durable, reusable protective apparel using an industry exclusive polyurethane ether-based product. Top Dog offers the widest range of durable, safe, protective apparel.

    The Vibe team worked with Top Dog’s leadership to craft an Export Marketing Strategy to guide this progressive company as it pursues new markets and new product development. With the strategy complete, our team then created a series of custom marketing tools including a new visual identity, website, photo and videography assets, trade show materials, wholesale catalogues and signage.