Celtic Colours




Celtic Colours is an organic celebration of Celtic culture and tradition. It is the embodiment of everything that is Celtic, preserved and nurtured on Cape Breton Island.  There is magic on Cape Breton Island that awakens during this exceptional nine-day Festival. Untouched and unaltered, exotic and alluring, moving and energizing, to experience Celtic Colours is to be changed by it.



The first step of the re-branding process was to modernized and
simplify the existing logotype. It was important that the new design
captured the essence of the original logo while presenting a strong
modern outlook—the new logotype uses fully customized typography.



To present and build a strong brand for Celtic Colours, we felt strongly
that an element was required to coherently tie together the various
campaign materials. We created a custom illustration based on the
magic that happens during the event—the unique spirit of the Festival.
The illustration was presented in multiple colour combinations to help
differentiate show posters and other required materials.




Central to the Festival is the program guide — with approximately 60
shows and over 200 community events listed, we knew how important
it was to re-build and re-design every aspect of the guide from the
ground up. Colour coding, a comprehensive typography system and
a custom set of event-based icons (symbols) were developed to make
accessing the information an effortless task.

A new Festival map was also created and inserted into the centre of
the guide.




A dynamic range of retail merchandise was created using the bold
colours and imagery from the new brand.




An extensive ad campaign was executed in the summer and fall
months, leading up-to the event, and including digital, newsprint,
specialist magazines, transit shelters and the impressive Halifax
superboard (see below).





cc-posterLarge format poster

cc-bannerStreet banner




Concert posters

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